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    After taking Digestive Pro+ for a very short time I began to see relief. Immediately, my immune system kicked into full gear. Within a week I noticed my stomach pain diminishing significantly. After about a month I also noticed that inflammation throughout my body had reduced. I wasn’t totally convinced that it was all due to this product until I ran out and went a few weeks without it. The symptoms all returned and disappeared again shortly after starting back. This has come a a very welcome relief for me as I can now count on feeling good and being productive in all realms of my life.

    - Brenda J.

    I often felt tired and bloated after a meal. As soon as I started taking Dr. Turbide’s Digestive Pro+, my body was thanking me for it! I feel energized and my bowel movements are regular with no more bloating. I have been using Digestive Pro+ for 4 months now. I add one scoop to my green smoothie every morning or to a glass of water. I started with half a scoop and immediately felt the difference. Digestive Pro+ works wonders for my immune system too. I really believe this product is helping me fight off colds. It will be part of my daily regimen forever!

    - Julie B.

    Digestive issues plagued me for most of my adult life. In passing, my neighbor mentioned she had gut troubles and that they had essentially disappeared within a month. When she recommended Digestive Pro+, I was hopeful but sceptical at the same time. I am writing this review to let others know that you can change your life with this supplement. I always had to be within restroom range because of my digestive issues and this really limited my social and dating life. Not anymore. Digestive Pro+ has given me my life back. My pain and gas are gone and other discomfort is disappearing and almost gone and I’m not bound to the restroom.

    - Isa K.

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    (*Individual results may vary*)



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