Achieve True Health
Achieve True Health

Beneficial Bacteria

Guest blog by Michal Ofer 'Bacteria in our gut enable us to live. We could not survive without bacteria. … They allow us to digest food, to assimilate the nutrients in our food; and they play a huge role, just beginning to be understood, in our immune functioning and in many other processes in our

Our Definition of Health Needs to Shift

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Our definition of health needs to shift from the absence of disease to having an abundance of vitality. Having issues of obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol and inflammation in our 40’s should not be seen as the norm. Highly processed and refined foods lack nutritional content so you have to consume more of them


Do you struggle with getting enough greens in your diet? Current nutritional advice tells us to consume 30% of our diet from greens. Here’s a solution; microgreens. Microgreens are teeny, tiny (and tasty) forms of edible greens, harvested when they are less than 2 inches tall. Microgreens are different from sprouts in that they are


Acai is a very small berry, dark purple in color, native to Central and South America. Acai is sold in a dried powder, a pulp, juice and even supplements. The powder can be added to smoothies for a texture that is creamy and a taste that is chocolaty. Acai has traditionally been used to treat


Did you ever hear the saying “If you don’t use a water filter, you are the water filter.”? It's worth exploring types of water filtration. Distillation/Distillers This method of water filtration heats water to a boiling point until it vaporizes. The vapor is then condensed and stored after it has been collected. This method is

Favorite Food

5 Favorite Protein Sources Wild caught salmon - Important source of omega 3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation. High in protein. Provides high levels of vitamin D. Chicken (organic, pastured) - More vitamins E, C, and beta-carotene than conventional chicken. Great source of protein. Eggs (organic, pastured) - Most bio-available protein source (which means

Controlling Our Willpower

Willpower is the ability to resist immediate temptations to attain long-term goals. It is having the self-control to resist that piece of cake, drink, cigarette, or any other temptation or bad habit. It is learning to not procrastinate and to buckle down to do the task at hand or work toward that long-term goal. And,

Coconut Oil

The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil The coconut is a nutritional superfood, possessing a wide variety of health benefits, but it is the oil specifically that makes the coconut such a remarkable source of food and medicine. Coconut oil has definitely earned its reputation as being the healthiest oil on the planet despite the fact

Avoid Sugar

The reasons to avoid sugar and added sweeteners are numerous, and include: Sugar is addictive – Scientific studies confirm that sugar has the addiction potential that matches, and in some cases, rivals, powerful narcotics. Sugar causes inflammation. Blood sugar levels can rise dangerously high and quickly become toxic when diets are too sugar-rich. Even low