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The Impact of The Microbiome On Your Health

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Many people are affected by health challenges related to poor immunity and inflammation. Diet can play a large role in worsening or improving these issues, because of interactions between the gut microbiota and immune system. Microbes produce a large number of metabolic products and other compounds that can directly interact with your physiology. The immune

Plant Fibers for Brain and Immune Health

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Gut microbes get most of their nutrients from your diet and help you digest a lot of the food you eat. It probably comes as no surprise that diet has a huge impact on the composition of gut microbiome and, consequently, on your immune system. Diet influences many aspects of the microbiome-immune system communication, including,

The Role of Leaky Gut

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The integrity of the intestinal barrier is fundamental for a healthy gut. A healthy intestinal barrier will keep pathogens and harmful microbial products away from your body, while being selectively permeable to microbial signaling molecules and metabolites that contribute to the health of our biological processes. Dysfunctions in the intestinal barrier alter its permeability and

The Gut and The Immune System

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Your immune system is the group of cells and molecules that protect you from disease by monitoring our body and responding to any foreign (non-self) substances they perceive as threats, particularly infectious microbes. Your immune system has co-evolved along with your microbiome, not only to create defenses against pathogens, but also to develop tolerance for

Our Definition of Health Needs to Shift

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Our definition of health needs to shift from the absence of disease to having an abundance of vitality. Having issues of obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol and inflammation in our 40’s should not be seen as the norm. Highly processed and refined foods lack nutritional content so you have to consume more of them